About Us

A.K. group of institute is computer education and technology institute. We provide latest technology, latest ver., with higher education in short money, It’s the professional base for the student’s. We course offered, computer software (fundamental of the computer, windows (XP, Vista, Windows-7) basic, graphics designing, tally, M.D.C.M. & E.L. and A.D.C.A. etc.), computer hardware (card level), English speaking, coaching classes, & summer vacation courses (fashion designing, stitching, dancing, beautician, etc).

The group's mission is to produce competent, knowledgeable and highly skilled computer professionals who have the entrepreneurship awareness and will to strive for excellence.

The basic principle by which the A.K. group of institute trust operates is their resolve in pursuing to be a centre of professional education excellence, and their commitment in providing quality education.

A.K. group of institute is dedicated to providing the appropriate environment, facilities and guidance for the educational development of individuals, The main function of the organization is to provide higher technical education in normal charges for every group of organization of urban & rural areas all over India get success in computer revolution which is the main dream of govt. of India.

Our mission studied their them properly and decided to provide better higher technical education in computer making a foundation of A.K. group of institute

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Technology is providing the upcoming future that will change every face of human existence. In order to produce information technology professionals, it education requires a good infrastructure and high quality competence. Our mission (A.K. institute) has been decided to provide the computer education by the help of state & Indian central government planning & programs announces time to time in nominal charge for every person of our lower and middle class of society. I wish and try to success the dream of computer education in all India.

I am sure our 10+2 fresher students can meet any demand & challenges that the employer may have on them. I wish them great success in all their endeavors and quest for a better tomorrow, for them and for the mankind.

I am confident that you will gain good benefits from our training application program & English skills. I wish you every success in your studies and your career.

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India has achieved tremendous growth in this area and is now being considered as a potential IT super power in the world. It is also recognized the world over, that information technology is going to change every facet of human existence and will usher in knowledge based society in the 21st century. The main motive behind the establishment of this society was to provide computer education to every corner of the country.

Through this computer literacy program, we ensure that our student learn more & more and become a dynamic human being. Our strong infrastructure, efficient, energetic, dedicated and capable officers urge. The student Tasso move forward. The academic ragout propels them to acquire greater professional competence.

"I wish you to all success in every field & your future."